Judged Digital Competition For Members..!!
SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Midnight Tues. Feb 13 (2 weeks in advance!)
Send digital images to: indianapoliscameraclub@gmail.com
Competition Rules:
1. Images must have been taken in the last 12 months
2. Image Format: JPG
3. Maximum Pixel Dimensions: 2500 pixels on the long side
4. Digital frames ARE acceptable, even encouraged
Required File Names:
First: Year, Month, Date of Competition, e.g. 2018_02_27
Second: First Initial and Last Name of submitting photographer, e.g. jsmith
Third: O or A (O = Open, A = Assigned)
Fourth: Number 01 or 02
Fifth: Title
Separate each by an underscore: use file extension: .jpg
Example of assigned category name: 2018_02_27_jsmith_A_01_Ladders.jpg
Example of open category name: 2018_02_27_jsmith_O_02_Bikes.jpg
Judge will have digital images for 2 weeks to review, then he/she will give live and written individual critiques of each submitted image on Feb 27, and announce top 3 places in each category!
Meeting – “DIGITAL COMPETITION” – February 27, 2018

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