Member Benefits 
Membership Dues are $40/year for individuals or $20 between July 1 and the end of the year (prorated discount for 6 months or less!). Any guest can attend free of charge for a couple of meetings to check us out, but membership benefits are only for paid members. Membership dues are collected in-person at any of our club meetings. Paid member benefits include opportunities to regularly participate in quarterly digital and print competitions, regular digital live critique nights, educational “field trips” to off-set locations, a free password-protected personal-photo gallery on our club website, opportunity to submit prints to our Club Entry to the Indiana State Fair, opportunity to step up and be a volunteer leader or facilitator of club activities, and the opportunity to sell gear at club functions.
You can join our club by filling the form at the bottom of this page.

Member Communications 
We post meeting info at all 3 sites, but we use our MeetUp site for member email communications and RSVP confirmations, to help us plan our materials/equipment/room setup needs for the educational sessions.

Regular In-Person Meetings 
Our in-person club-meetings are twice a month, on the 2nd and 4th last two Tuesdays of the month, from 7pm-9pm of each month at our primary meeting location, the Indiana Interchurch Center, 1100 W 42nd St, Indianapolis, IN 46208 (W42nd Street and Michigan Road).  We have occasional off-site “photo outings” that we post our our web locations (see below).

3 Web Locations:
Our Facebook Page:
Our MeetUp Site:
Our Club Web Site:

Facebook Postings 
Our club Facebook page is considered to be a communication and educational site.  Members and guests encourage to post images on our Facebook site.  We just ask that the poster also include basic EXIF data such as camera, lens, aperture, shutter speed, ISO, any lighting setup, anything learned, and anything else about the image that might be educational or interesting to fellow photographers.

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